Well Run, Good and Faithful Brother Raj Perumal!

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Well Run, Good and Faithful Brother Raj Perumal!

Raj Perumal Goes Home To Be With Father God

By Christopher Noel | April 23rd 2021


April 22nd 2021, our dearest brother and friend Raj Perumal, left this earthly life to be with the Father in heaven.

As we bid goodbye to our dearest friend and faithful brother, we look back fondly on what he meant, to many of us. We do this with the faith that his life will inspire many of you, just as it did, to many of us. Raj Perumal, was a name synonymous with mission. One who ran the race, with great conviction, despite having lost a leg, 4 years ago, to amputation.

Raj & Shakeela – Early Days

His Legacy

Over the past 3 decades Raj was many things to many around him. A great, caring and cool dad, in the words of his son Chris and daughter Shwetha. A gentle and patient teacher and trainer as recollected by Dinesh George, Evangelist from Bangalore. Shakila, his wife, fondly remembers him mentoring her on financial discipline in the early years of their marriage. On their first date, Raj would ask her, if she is willing to join him on his mission journey to Sri Lanka, at some point. That was his love to share the Gospel to others.

Having played Basketball for Sri Lanka, he was one who always enjoyed teaching Basketball to those who loved to learn, around him.

With Family


He is known for his kindness, even to those who criticize or hurt him. Not one to hold grudges, Raj’s only complain with life was when his health failed him. When he realized his heart had become weak and after his first cardiac arrest when he woke up in the hospital with one leg, he was hit hard. But he came back with his steely resolve to surrender to God, as always and continued in his faithful journey with Christ.

His family rallied around him and fought for him, as they provided great care for him. Shakila stood by him and continued to be part of his journey now as much as she was during the great mission trips. Raj loved his family very much. He wished he could do more, but he was really thankful to God that his children put their faith in Jesus.

Raj Perumal is known to be the one who initiates and stays in touch with all his friends, all the time. Someone who always loves to have long conversations with a sense of humor, with words of encouragement.

With the Bangaloonies

A dynamic person, willing to step up when required. He has donned many roles the family of God required him to, over the years. A translator, a shepherd, a guide, a mentor, a leader, a friend, a teacher, above all else, a servant. The church will deeply miss him, along with his family.

I am so grateful that I get to write this note about him, knowing that he was one of two brothers who stopped me on a busy road in Bangalore and invited me to study God’s word. That was on a Summer Tuesday morning in 1993. That invitation changed my life. Thank you dear Raj Perumal. Adieu.




15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!Romans 10:15


  1. Madesh K says:

    So inspiring Great example to follow…
    Truly a legend who lived among us..
    Miss you on earth bro..
    Consoles to the family members..

  2. Very happy to see all of thm

  3. Cecelia Noel says:

    Very heartfelt and touching tribute bro…
    Wonderful way to bid bue to a loved one..

  4. Samson says:

    Sweet brother had great fellowship times with him ,never gave up started riding scooter after his physical challenges though he would spend good time even with that ,humble about his weakness, he donned a lowly life inspite having influential family background

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