The financial crisis in 2003 caused many full time workers from churches all over South Asian region to be laid off. The lack of funds also served a heavy blow to the dream of hiring and training new young staff. Still God pulled us all through the support and help from many churches in the west. That is the time the leadership was finding ways to inspire the youth to join full time ministry and the idea of School of Mission came about. Beam Fund was willing to financially support this endeavour. Thus, in 2012 we announced the opportunity for youth to join the School of mission in the South Asian Youth Conference and many came forward to sign up. They needed to be graduates recommended by their church leaders and interviewed by School of Mission trainers.

The objective of the School of Mission is to train youngsters in full time ministry in Bangalore for 2 years and then send them to their home church for further training for one more year. After this, any church can hire them to lead mission teams, planting new churches, lead small churches, or the singles & campus ministries all over south Asia.


The trainees are personally mentored by experienced Evangelists & Women’s ministry leaders in Bangalore Church who serve as trainers in the School of Mission. They receive personal help regarding their connection with God and being deep with their own hearts.

They undergo a teaching curriculum which includes 2 hours of weekly teaching classes, 2 full days of monthly teaching workshops, other than personal mentoring times, attending all church workshops such as teens, campus, and singles. There are also books to read, assignments to complete and exams. They live together in brothers flat and sisters flat so that they learn to live in harmony with each other, share different cultures, languages, and also learn from one another. They are involved in regular discipling groups and meet daily evangelistic goals. They are trained to do studies with people from various backgrounds, deliver communion messages, expository sermons, impart Biblical counselling etc. Each of the trainees are given opportunities to lead teens, campus and singles ministries so that they can be equipped to serve in many ways. They are also trained to speak, and preach correctly in English. They are also evaluated every 6 months.

22 Candidates joined for training in the first batch, and were involved in studying the Bible and helping 84 souls in 2 years to accept Jesus as their Saviour.  Some had to leave in between but 10 of them were absorbed into full time ministry. All those who could not get absorbed into full time ministry also are serving voluntarily in many ways as they got trained well. A similar number of trainees joined for the following batches as well.


The majority of these trainees are engineering or management graduates or post graduates from diverse disciplines, or those who have worked in secular jobs for some time. Dinesh John who had not even lead a Bible talk previously, completed his training in School of Mission in 2015 and returned to his home church in New Delhi to lead  a sector of more than 100 disciples. In Jan 2017 he along with his newly wedded wife, Jules, led a mission team to Gurugram near New Delhi.

Nagendran and Sudha, a young married couple who completed School of Mission training, are leading a fast growing church in Erode. Thiyagu and Josephine, who completed their training and got married, as well as Aravindh and Malathi, are serving in Tamil Nadu Region. Pithoy and Dr. Rabi Sana got married and are leading the church in Guwahati. Aruna got married to Jeba Prem and after leading the Bangalore Campus ministry for a couple of years they are now leading the church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sumitra and Poppy – a young couple from Dhaka, Bangladesh went back to lead the church in Dhaka. A single brother Sukhram is powerfully leading the Birat Nagar Church in Nepal.

Kevin and Pavitra, married after their training, served some time in Mumbai church, and are now powerfully leading the campus ministry in Bangalore.

Two single sisters, Manju and Neet went to be part of the mission team to Gurugram. Sandeep, who was part of the same team, is getting married to Manju within a few months, and planning to lead the church in Chandigarh.

There are many churches with below 100 disciples in South Asia are without full time workers. We hope that many of these trainees will eventually lead many of these churches and take those churches higher.