Go Beyond – All India Campus Conference 2019

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January 29, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Go Beyond – All India Campus Conference 2019

The All India Campus Conference is always looked forward to by many of the campus students in the church. The 2019 AICC was no exception. The venue being a nice little retreat centre in Bangalore, everyone had a great time with the weather being cool and meeting up with their buddies from across the nation.

The title of the conference was Go Beyond. The speakers, teachers, and everyone who got a chance to share, covered various aspects of a campus christian, as they strive to go beyond in life.

Here are the YouTube links to the videos of lessons and sharing from the event.

1. Go BeyondBeing the cover note for the conference, Dinesh delivers the message on why and how a campus christian can envision going beyond in life.


2. Go Beyond Your Desire – Ross speaks from the Bible and his life on how the campus participants can go beyond their desires in life.


3. Go Beyond Your Doubts – Raghu knows what he is talking about as he teaches how everyone can tackle their real life doubts about themselves and others, and still go beyond those doubts.


4. Go Beyond (Dreams/Fears/Limits/Failures) – 5 different former campus students dig into their lives as they share about they learnt to go beyond in their lives and where they are at presently, due to going beyond.


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