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December 6, 2017
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January 11, 2018

Church Fest 2017

The morning of Sunday the 17th of December 2017, saw a different kind of hustle and bustle unusual to the rest of the Sundays in the year. This was a special Sunday, special in many ways.

It was the Sunday of the Church Fest 2017. It was the Christmas season too. Even though the church has been having the fest for over a decade, it evokes a wonderful excitement among the members of the Church and guests alike. One gets to meet all the friends in church over the day and chat, while having to choose from an array of amazing spread of food. It is Food Street the whole day along. Thrown in as a bonus are the variety of other stalls, ranging from bargain shops to garage sales, brand new apparels to trendy novelties, creative artistry to crazy games, you name it, you got it.

The day began with the whole Church coming together to Worship God. The communion message reminded everyone of the sacrificial Son of God, who was willing to lay down his life for mankind, even though it meant separation from the Father.

The Fest began at 11 am and went on late into the evening till 8 pm. The evening brought in a time of worship through singing by the Bands in the Church. It was a day of great fellowship, as everyone gave time to one another and created some good memories for the future.

Here are few pictures to remind one of the time everyone had that day.


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