Amazing Commitment – Sharadamma from Chickaballapura

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October 16, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Amazing Commitment – Sharadamma from Chickaballapura

A few years ago when the plan to reach out to the villages near Bangalore was discussed, Mahesh, a disciple, also reached out to his aunt, Sharadamma. She lives in Chickaballapura (about 60 kilometres away from Bangalore). She lost her husband a few years ago and lives alone in the village with her son. She receives no support from any of her relatives. On the contrary she was often harassed by them with the intention of deceiving her off her husband’s farming land.

The sisters from Bangalore Church travelled almost 4 hours both ways, a few times a week to share the good news about Christ with Sharadamma. She could not read or write, but she understood the scriptures taught to her. Like a miraculous angel, a college student in the neighbouring house, would sit with her and read the bible aloud to her. Soon she accepted Christ as her Saviour and she was baptized!

She was baptized in March 2013. Since then she travels 60 kilo meters every Sunday morning and attends the worship at Bangalore. She does this after completing all her household work, which includes taking care of the sheep, milking the cow, feeding them, finishing the irrigation tasks, etc. She is a very excited, happy and content Christian. During her fellowship she communicates with a lot of energy, inspiring the other disciples. Her son Santhosh, who is very talented, stayed in a hostel and studies in Bangalore.  After the worship and the fellowship, she visits her son and goes back to her village. Now he has completed his Matriculation and is studying further, staying with the mother. He is coming to teens meeting and studying the bible. It is a thorough joy and amazement to see to what extent GOD would go to take care of one single soul.

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